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Swiss Chiptech - Chiptuning and Economic tuning, more power, less fuel and more pleasure



  • Latest technology and performance are always the basis of our diesel and petrol auxiliary equipment.
  • Since many years, it is the best simple and efficient way to improve performance.
  • Function
    Both diesel- and petrol- chiptuning-boxes increases the amount of fuel and thus takes advantage of the serial excess air of the vehicle. In real-time data of the vehicle will be controlled by a microprocessor processes. All the original features of the vehicle are remain and are not affected, thus the highest degree of stability and security is ensured.

    The vehicle dynamics are improved, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The factory reserves to be exploited and increase the overall vehicle performance by up to 25%.

    More power also means up to 15% less fuel consumption. Torque increased up to 25% caused reduced switching operations and a lower pedal position. Use the tuning perfectly and you will benefit directly from lower fuel consumption. Reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle up to 15% and saves up to 300.- Euro a year and while contributing to our environment!

    The diesel and petrol chiptuning-box is via a wiring harness connected to the engine control. OEM connectors provide a secure mounting. There will be no interference with the original control unit. The control unit calculates in your vehicle all the necessary information, such as injection, boost pressure, etc. in your vehicle.

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