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Swiss Chiptech - Chiptuning and Economic tuning, more power, less fuel and more pleasure
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About us
Swiss Chiptech stays since many years for a particular quality in the electronic engine management engineering.
It all started with the "classic chiptuning“ (now Software Optimization) for passenger cars. This was followed from the idea to wrap the whole in the form of an auxiliary device, developed the Diesel Chiptuning-Box. In recent years, in which the fuel has increasingly become a luxury, arose the idea of a Economic-Tuning-Box and an Economic-Software-Optimization with the goal of fuel reduction while increasing the torque. Because of these two properties, we use economic tuning into the most common truck cab and camper. The success in this sector confirms our forward-looking approach. Today we are proud to be one of the first providers of economic tuning.

Over the years, new innovative products were added,
such as V-Max modules to repeal the speed limit convertible modules that can be opened the deck, while driving the car and TV modules allow that the playback of DVDs and TV programs while driving.

The newest and most innovative product is our Petrol Chiptuning-Box. Comes after several requests, whether it was possible to produce a chiptuning-box for gasoline vehicles, is now promising the message that "it works"!

Today, all these innovative products are sold by us to tuners, dealers, repair shops, car dealers, wholesalers, trucking companies, taxi companies, and on request to consumers. So if you are looking for a high quality product in the electronic engine management, then you've come to the right, because we produce quality out of conviction.
Your Swiss Chiptech Team
Swiss Chiptech - The Company

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