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Swiss Chiptech - Chiptuning and Economic tuning, more power, less fuel and more pleasure

Economic Tuning


How it all began ...
2005, the foundation stone for the project ECONOMIC Tuning was laid.

The specifications were clear. It was to develop a engine software and a Chiptuning-Box, which guarantees a significant reduction in consumption for the same or better performance of the engine. Here, the exhaust emissions must be compliance, reduce harmful emissions and remain the longevity of the engine.

Many tests had to be completed. Long-term studies on the behavior of the engines, measurements on chassis dynamometers, emissions testing in laboratories and analysis of the fuels were only a few operations that were run differently, with many vehicles and engines. Thus, petrol engines were also tested, such as diesel engines, lorries (trucks) as well as small cars (cars). Up to Audi RS6 sports car the tests, studies and trials were run again.

In collaboration with a reputable freight forwarding vehicles were in the double
ECONOMIC Tuning facilities. The results were astounding. SWISS CHIPTECH succeeded in the first attempts to achieve its lofty goals. However, in order to market the long term a marketable product to be flawless and has been tested over several months, the stability of the engines in everyday operations.
These tests and the resultant findings form the basis for the current product. We use in the production of our products, only first class ingredients, so we provide with adequate use of proper installation and a free warranty on our Chiptuning-Box and our software optimization for 24 months.

When worth the use of ECONOMIC-Tuning for me?
The savings are in the range up to about minus 20%. In the test vehicles in a saving in the third - mix of 14% - 22% was reached. This results in a mileage of about 20,000 km above which, the investment payback at current fuel prices. Rising fuel prices, it reduces the threshold from which the investment is worth considerably. If we assume that a car travels 4 years and drive about 20,000 km a year, then for any obvious what savings are possible here.

We expected the case to hand of a Mercedes E-Class 200 CDI.
With a fuel price of 1.10 / liter diesel results after 100,000 miles, a saving of approximately 1.760,- at an investment of 599, - or less.

To give customers an additional security, granted SWISS CHIPTECH 3 years warranty on the product.

And it continues ...
Within SWISS CHIPTECH we can rely on a strong team of specialists and generalists. Thus, we have engines - developers, process and quality managers in our ranks, as well as designers and industrial engineers. Just about everything to provide our customers the best possible product.

The requirements for our development team are over the years has become ever greater. New engine technologies, electronic aids in abundance, the EU emission standards, changes in fuel mixtures, and not least, the tax policy of the government are factors that we need to get under one roof. We comply with the development departments of AUDI, BMW, Bosch, Siemens, Mercedes and VW (to name a few) continually keep step. We are as much a pioneer as the manufacturers themselves, but with an additional burden. Our products must be extremely reliable, we even have to eliminate errors in the series programming.Manufacturing defect would otherwise fall unduly on SWISS CHIPTECH.

Each external observer can recognize now certainly be fast, which is behind a tremendous effort and serious optimal ECONOMIC tuning or CHIPTUNING. Budget - providers can not provide this certainty. These providers will often patched quickly and without regard to the data engine stalls around to fast for some reason the engine is. Very risky, if you think that is the core of the engine of an automobile with a defect and resulting high costs.

So do your engine a favor - if ECONOMIC tuning or CHIPTUNING - then the quality of SWISS CHIPTECH.

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