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Swiss Chiptech - Chiptuning and Economic tuning, more power, less fuel and more pleasure

Economic Tuning

Significantly reduce fuel consumption

Taxes ... Tolls ... Fuel prices

Why do you want to blow the money through the exhaust? Save money on your vehicle,
whether the car or truck, up to 20% fuel, with an increase in power and torque!

How? Quite simply ...
Through a small investment in the latest ECONOMIC technology, the wallet is spared at every fuel stop! Forget expensive and complex driver training. With us you buy with savings guarantee. You do not need to change your driving behavior. You need to persuade your employees no longer good. You need the goodwill of your employees are no longer deliver.
SWISS CHIPTECH programmed your Savings!

We spare no test! Savings from 1st Miles!
SWISS CHIPTECH modifies the engine electronics of the car or truck at a fair price! From this point begins to save for you. Our modifications are all TÜV approved and double - blinded and tested against re-examined. Now it's easy to save fuel.
As a first clue can be found in your savings following the efficiency study. Multiply the appropriate value simply with your fleet and you know what the financial potential you can release quickly and easily.

Businesses in the south of Germany, we have assisted in the modification of 20 trucks. The savings at an average mileage of 180,000 km a year amounted to over: 120.000 € !!!

Efficiency Study
The following tables have been generated for you for a quick overview and assessment. We started from a commodity price of 1.10 € / liter. To calculate your savings - potential, you can easily convert the exemplary mileage. The euro values indicate the savings in the current mileage on the current (unmodified) consumption. Please note that we are in all the calculations are always the worst case expected! (Source: Logistics Division-transporters)

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