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Marine tuning

Service & Information

Services and Information about the Chiptuning of Marine Engines
Optimization of boat motors but is basically the same principle as car engines, boat, however, specific features have to be considered. Boat, Drive, translation and propeller selection are just a few. Here, vendors in the car tuning sector are often overburdened.
So we work with renowned producers and engineers from the boot sector. Many projects with renowned manufacturers such as Wellcraft Scarab boats, Formula, Talon, Hustler, Commander, Sea Ray, Larson, class performance, Sunbird and Bayliner have constantly expanded our expertise.
Our product developers are experienced in dealing with high-speed tunnel-and V-hull boats.
Our special focus on modern diesel engines here creates interesting synergies from which you can profit.
Marine Chiptuning Picture - click for zoom
The issue of fuel economy gains in the boot sector is becoming increasingly important. Modern diesel engines offer an unprecedented opportunity here. Meanwhile, there are compact common-rail marine diesel engines, the V8 petrol V8 in the performance are equal, while savings in weight and significantly more torque. Marine Chiptuning
Nevertheless, a modification is not always appropriate or indeed significantly improve performance. When a chiptuning in conjunction with a boat, motor and drive configuration (as well as other individual components) are not advisable, can be analyzed according to the prior often only by a specialist. A well-matched by the manufacturer, boat will run at near full throttle RPM. It is therefore with a chip tuning often must be accompanied by a propeller change, because in contrast to passenger boats have usually only a forward pass. Not infrequently, other supporting measures are necessary in order to connect better acceleration, higher top speed and fuel savings. Only one of the small differences in the chiptuning of boats, which should definitely be given consideration. Marine Chiptuning Picture - click for zoom

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