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Swiss Chiptech - Chiptuning and Economic tuning, more power, less fuel and more pleasure

Marine tuning

Chiptuning for Marine Engines

Up to 25% more power and torque while fuel consumption optimization
Many manufacturers of marine engines has finally kept current technology feeder. Modern motor control and common rail injection systems gradually replace the outdated engine technology of the earlier years. Carburetors, mechanical fuel injection pumps and turbochargers soft environmentally friendly and economical technique, which we know for some time in the automotive sector. Thus, there are more and more customization and optimization options electronically to these components. Marine Tuning Picture - click for zoom
Our experience in this field, we can now also be applied to marine engines. Significantly better acceleration and elasticity, higher top speeds while reducing fuel consumption are the result of this professional software optimization and chiptuning-box.
Take advantage of the vast potential of these individual electronic voting for your marine engine. We put an end to lame diesel engines!
Marine Tuning Picture - click for zoom

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