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Swiss Chiptech - Chiptuning and Economic tuning, more power, less fuel and more pleasure

Tuning Pedal

  • For each accelerator tuning you will receive a further illustrated installation instruction.
  • Function
    In newer cars no longer the gas pedal works mechanical linkage or cable directly, but through the ECU (engine control unit) to choke elements (in gasoline engines) or the injection system (in diesel engine). The sensor that tells the controller the gas demand of the driver is called the pedal sensor, and is usually a double potentiometer for security reasons. Occasionally, instead of potentiometers are also lower wear, but more expensive sensor principles, used, for example, with the help of Hall elements. The sensor transmits the pedal position in the form of two analog voltages to the ECU. In the case of a CAN-bus networks are digital signals should be implemented. The traction control can be relatively easy to reduce the engine power.

    Through our tuning pedal the accelerator signal of the series will recorded and passed on to optimize the ECU (engine control unit). The engine control unit changes the control of the throttle elements (by petrol engines) or the control of the injection system (by diesel engines). Further, the response of the accelerator is reduced.

    These two measures can improve the response and the vehicle dynamics and fuel economy significantly can be reduced by up to 10%. The lower consumption of each depends on the driving behavior of individuals, because now the car more quickly reaches the desired speed, therefore fuel can be saved.

    Our tuning pedal is equipped with original vehicle-specific connectors. This allows an easy installation in about 10-15 minutes:
  • 1. Pull out the original plug from the electronic throttle.
  • 2. Push the two connectors attach the tuning pedal.
  • 3. Route cable properly.
  • 4. Done!
  • Tuning Pedal - Installation 2